Water Tank and Tower

Pressed Sectional Water Tank

 The elevated water tank provide excellent strength properties performance for water storage. It is designed strictly in accordance with China Structural Steel designing code for ensuring safe enough and durable. Another major advantage of the elevated steel tank design, is that it facilitates easier handling and transportation over long distances, all the steel tower and water tank parts will be assemble by the bolts according to our detailed installation drawings, assembly on site quickly achieved without the need for sophisticated tooling methods, save the construction time and cost for clients. 

The water tank materials including hot dipped galvanized, pre-galvanized, GRP, stainless steel four types. The famous type is hot dipped galvanized,  the thickness of the hot dip galvanizing coat is about 80 µm, good performance in anti corrosive and apprearance. The purpose is to ensure extended maintenance free life in situations where water with aggressively corrosive properties is required to be stored. 

Reservoirs constructed from pressed steel sections are used widely by the mining industry and municipal authorities, hostipals, schools, industrial factories and so on. 

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