Water Tank and Tower

Elevated steel tower tank 6m 9m 12m15m

Elevated steel tower tank 6m,9m ,12m,15m,18m,25m,30m

     The elevated water tank provide excellent strength properties performance for water storage.
It is designed strictly in accordance with China Structural Steel designing code and production processing standard,  for ensuring safe and durable enough . 

Hot-dip galvanized water tank and steel tower, zinc coating thick 85um, the best anti-rust performance for more than 20 years.

Another major advantage of the elevated steel tank design, is that it facilitates easier handling and transportation over long distances, all the steel tower and water tank parts will be assemble by the bolts according to our detailed installation drawings, assembly on site quickly achieved without the need for sophisticated tooling methods, save the construction time and cost for clients. 

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