Water Tank and Tower

Overhead water tank steel stanchions tank stand

Overhead water tank steel stanchions tank stand

The overhead water tank,steel stanchions tank stand can be painted and hot-dip galvanized, with  safe, sturable, anti-corrosive, shock proof, and earthquake resistance performance. All the parts will be assemble and installed by bolts,no need weld at site. 

1) The steel water tower/stand specifications:
Steel Column/Steel Main Beam/Secondary Beam: Q355B, painted / hot-dip galvanized thickness 85um
Brace/Ladder with protection/Handrail/Steel Grating: Q235B, painted /hot-dip galvanized thickness 85um
Bolts: ​High strength10.9s/8.8s,Dacromet treatment 

2) Water tank specifications:

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