Breeding chicken project in Myanmar

 This time Xinguangzheng is building a second-stage breeding chicken project in Myanmar. A total of 8 breeding chicken flat-houses are a turnkey project for a complete breeding farm. The project includes a steel structure chicken house, breeding chicken breeding equipment and environmental control equipment. The construction period of the project is from March 20 to June 15.

     On March 20, the personnel entered the site for construction. At that time, the domestic new crown epidemic situation was basically under control, while the foreign epidemic situation was in the outbreak period. Myanmar was also affected by the epidemic situation. On March 28, Myanmar closed the country; on April 10, Yangon, Mandalay and other major cities entered the state of closure, restricting the movement of people; on April 11, Myanmar entered the Songkran Festival holiday, the national holiday for 10 days ..., The superposition of various factors makes the already tense construction schedule more difficult.

    The overseas team strictly complies with the various anti-epidemic bans issued by Myanmar, and implements the anti-epidemic requirements of the New Hope Myanmar Branch. It also provides anti-epidemic knowledge training and team personal protection during the epidemic situation-wearing masks throughout the day and measuring temperature twice a day.

    In order to be able to deliver the project on time, the overseas service team adjusted the construction plan-arranged two engineering teams to construct the steel structure chicken house at the same time, and enabled three installation teams to install breeding equipment; after fully communicating with the Myanmar side, it was decided that all installation teams will continue during the Songkran Festival Work, only arrange a day off on the day of the 4.17 of Lunar New Year.

    The outdoor temperature of Myanmar in April and March has been maintained at a high temperature of 40 ℃, which is extremely hot and unbearable. The overseas service team should ensure the daily working hours on the one hand and the health and safety of the construction personnel on the other hand. The team adjusted the working hours reasonably, avoided the high temperature period, and steadily advanced the construction progress.

 On April 26, before the first heavy rain that marked the arrival of the rainy season, the construction team completed the capping of all the main structures of the steel structure chicken house. In early May, the finishing work of the steel structure chicken house was successfully completed.
According to the current equipment installation progress, it is expected that all equipment installation and commissioning can be completed before the end of May. This extraordinary overseas service is another case of a breeding project that the overseas team overcame many difficulties and completed ahead of schedule in the severe epidemic environment.

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