Steel Structure Roof With Solar Panel

steel structure with solar panel roofsteel structure building with solar panel roofsteel structure warehouse with solar panel roof

The project of Haibyli 1.50MW distributed photovoltaic power generation is located in Yuanyuan District of Haibyli Electric Co., Ltd., No. 2 Fuchen Avenue.It's built on the roof of steel structure warehouse building.The annual electricity consumption is about 5.2 million KWH, the total investment of the project is 4.61 million RMB, the total installed capacity is 1500 KW, and the total power generation capacity in 25 years is 4702Million KWH, 25-year average annual power generation capacity of 1.88 million KWH, 25-year total electricity fee income of 32.914 million yuan, 25-year average electricity fee income
1.3156 million RMB. The project cost payback period is arround 3.5 years.

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