Steel Workshop

Steel Structure Gold Refinery Workshop

The total steel structure building price was $5.38 million USD,the steel was about 2600ton,the whole contract period of 150 days,80 days on-site installation and construction of 80 days.It is used as gold mining plant.
Steel column:latticed column,with the height of the latticed column up to 39 meters,fixing the column foot adopts shape of rim of a cup foundation,with buried depth of 2.2 meters,and single steel column weighing about 28 tons,a total of 22.

Steel beam: tube truss steel structure,span 33 meters,12 meters bay,33m main span on each side of 17.445 and 14.26m auxiliary span, auxiliary span for two or three layer structure,
Five storeys platform in the main span.And among messy distribution of platform steel column are criss-cross with civil foundation.