Steel Workshop

Steel Structure Workshop In Argentina

This steel structure building used for Nail workshop built in 2010 year for our Argentina Customer.

What is steel structure building?

Steel structure building is composed of steel material structure, is one of the main building structure types.Structure is mainly made of steel and steel plate, steel column, steel truss girder artifacts, such as weld is required between each components or parts, bolt, or rivet connection.Because of its weight is lighter, and the construction is simple, widely used in large factories, stadiums, high-rise, and other fields.

The characteristics of steel structure

Steel is characterized by high strength, light weight, good overall stiffness and deformation ability, therefore, to build large span and super high, super-heavy buildings is suitable;Homogeneous and isotropic materials is good, is a ideal elastic body, the most in line with the general engineering mechanics basic assumption;Material plasticity and toughness, good can have large deformation, can bear dynamic load;Short construction period;Its high degree of industrialization, high mechanization degree of specialization of production can be performed. Steel structure components are easy to manufacture, site assembly in the factory.Mechanization of factory manufacture steel structure component products of high precision, high efficiency, site assembly speed up, short time limit for a project.Steel structure is one of the most industrialized structure.

The application of steel structure

Steel structure is widely used in residential, factory, warehouse, tower, power plants, Bridges, and other areas of the building.Steel structure industry is usually divided into light steel structure, high-rise steel structure, steel structure residential steel structure, space and bridge steel structure of the five subclasse.

Steel structure processing and manufacturing

According to the installation sequence and process requirement in steel members on the steel platform of prefabrication and assembly, to ensure the welding quality.

Steel stitching seam stitching the flange and web of stitching joint spacing should be greater than 200 ㎜.Flange plate splicing length should not be less than 2 times the width;Web stitching width should not be less than 300 ㎜, length should be not less than 600 ㎜.

Convenience for welding, to ensure the welding quality, as far as possible the stiffener plate on the column, beam, connecting plate, plate, pick beam (beam) on the surface of the steel platform set according to construction drawing size of the welding.

On steel platform of prefabricated steel members in addition to the assembly according to construction drawing and specification requirements, should also consider the manufacturability of on-site installation and installation size changes.